Frequently Asked Questions

We realize that there are many TESOL courses available and the choice can be overwhelming for many people who are perhaps new to the world of ESL. At IALF we are both happy and proud to deliver the Trinity College London Certificate in TESOL (Cert TESOL).

We believe that if you are going to spend time and money getting a TEFL qualification, it is important that you consider the worldwide recognition of that qualification. If your qualification is not recognized and accepted by a majority of the English language schools around the world, you may find it difficult getting a job in the country of your choice.

The CertTESOL is accepted and recognised by most English language schools in most countries around the world. It is accredited in England by the Qualifications and Curriculum Authority at Level 5 of the National Qualifications Framework. It is accepted by the British Council as an initial TESOL or TEFL qualification for teachers in its accredited teaching organizations in the UK and in its own teaching operations overseas. It is also accepted in Australia by all NEAS accredited ESL institutions. It is important to remember that requirements for employing teachers vary from country to country, and additional qualifications such as a university degree may be necessary to secure employment.

The course fee is US$1,950, or Indonesian Rupiah equivalent. This includes tuition, materials, assessment and moderation (the course is externally moderated by Trinity College London). If accepted onto the course following an interview, a US$500 deposit is necessary to secure a place. Note that candidates are responsible for bank transfer charges, so please ensure you specify “full amount” on the transfer form. We will send you details of how to make the transfer.

Please note under Bank Indonesia Regulation Number 17/3/2015, we are not allowed to accept payment in foreign currency except from overseas. If you are in Indonesia, you will need to use Indonesian Rupiah (cash or credit card) to pay your deposit and final balance.

No, although initially this may make you feel more comfortable in the classroom. The course is designed for people with little or no teaching experience. Over a 4-week period it offers an introduction to the theory and practice of communicative English language teaching. By the end of the course trainees will have gained knowledge and skills necessary to embark on an ESL career anywhere in the world.

This is an intensive 4-week course. It is full time: 130 hours, including tuition and teaching practice.

No. The skills you develop and the knowledge and theory you gain will prepare you to teach anywhere in the world. However during Teaching Practice your students will be Indonesian – possibly the nicest and friendliest students you will ever teach!

As Bali is a holiday destination, there is plenty of accommodation from luxury hotels to single room apartments known as “kost”. You can find links to a number of options near IALF Bali on our Practicalities page. If you have any questions about where to stay while you are in Bali, we will be happy to help.

We recommend that participants coming from overseas apply for a social & cultural visa (Visa Sosial Budaya), which enables you to stay in Indonesia for 60 days, giving you plenty of time before the course to settle in, and more importantly time for a break afterwards. Once we receive your deposit, we can if you wish send you a letter you can send to the Indonesian embassy in support of your application.

Please note that if you come into the country and take advantage of the visa-free entry, you will not be able to extend your stay beyond 30 days. The visa-on-arrival (USD 35 as of December 2018) can be extended for another 30 days.

The maximum number of participants is 12. Once we have received 12 deposits, we will not be able to accept any further applicants.

  1. First you need to complete the application form and we will e-mail you the pre-selection task.
  2. Once we have received the completed pre-selection task we will e-mail you to arrange an interview. In the interview we hope to learn more about why you are interested in teaching ESL. We need to make sure that you have the willingness, determination and resources necessary to successfully complete the course. The interviewer will let you know if you have been accepted onto the course.
  3. This will be followed up by an e-mail reiterating your acceptance onto the course. Payment details will also be included.
  4. Once you have paid the US$500.00 deposit, we will send you a link so you can download the Course Handbook.
  5. All payment must be completed two weeks prior to the course starting.

Teaching is a high status occupation in Asia, and course participants should dress in a way that reflects both students’ expectations and the high standards of the IALF. In practice this means dressing reasonably smartly and politely, rather than for the beach.

For men, ties are not necessary, but please follow these guidelines:

  • Shirt/Polo shirt with a collar. No T-shirts
  • Trousers/pants, slacks or smart jeans. No shorts or torn/frayed jeans
  • Shoes, clean sports shoes or smart sandals. No flip-flops/thongs

For women:

  • Dress, Polo shirt, blouse or top. No T-shirts, bare shoulders or plunging necklines.
  • Trousers/pants, slacks, skirt or smart jeans. No shorts, short skirts or torn/frayed jeans
  • Shoes, clean sports shoes or smart sandals. No flip-flops/thongs

Not directly. However, there is a session in the final week of the course on finding work. This includes advice about how and where to find ESL work both in Indonesia and elsewhere. We are more than happy to act as referees for our trainees. Once you have gained the Trinity Cert Tesol Certificate, you will have the freedom to choose where you would like to work and for which ESL teaching institution.

Note that the Indonesian Education Ministry requires foreign teachers to hold a university degree to work in Indonesia, and there are further regulations covering the subject of the degree as well as nationality and age. You should check with individual employers for more information.

We have an extensive and well-resourced Self Access Centre (SAC), which includes a wide range of current ESL books and journals, all of which can be borrowed by our trainees.

Our journals are up-to-date and include;

  • Modern English Teacher
  • English Teaching Professional
  • ELT Journal

We have over 1000 ESL reference and resource books for teachers and over 400 course books, which include students’ books, teachers’ books and activity books. We also have over a 1000 books related to reading, speaking, pronunciation, listening, writing and grammar.

Our SAC also includes a wealth of journals and books related to other training which also takes place at IALF. Printing and photocopying services are available and we a large number of computers, all connected to the internet, which our trainees may use. WiFi is also available throughout the IALF campus.